Susan’s c-section surgery

“Susan’s c-section surgery” 2018, performance. Click the image below to view the performance.



“Susan’s C-section” is a result of watching 14 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy (an American soap opera about young surgeons). The story goes: Susan is a canvas impregnated with my ideas. I have to take responsibility for her. Susan decided to have the baby; thus I take on the role of an obstetrician. Susan had to undergo C-section surgery due to the lack of a vagina and gave birth to a baby canvas. The procedure was performed in front of an audience due to educational purposes. The video was shot in the fashion of low-resolution 90s surgical document. Watching a doctors’ show made me feel inferior about the lack of responsibility an artist has. I think my responsibility as an artist is to generate and delivery ideas into physical forms, in medical terms, produce and deliver baby canvases.