Red House

 “Red House” 2017, Installation.

This piece is a moody light installation describing the emotion of loss of innocence. The installation is composed of three major components: a swing, a painting, and red light bulbs. The setting gives a sense of as a leftover crime scene. As the viewers move through space, the painting with three strong red bulbs firstly come to their notice. Then as the viewers turn back around, they discover the tiny blood stain on the wrinkled floral cushion. The swing ropes, tied in hangman noose, along with the bleed stain, create an uncanny however melancholy atmosphere. Looking back at the painting on the wall, soft velvet is forced onto rough concrete; under the intense red light, the distinct contrast between the two materials are exploding to the maximum of discomfort. The haunting essence of the installation tells the story of young girls growing up in the shadows of perverts, rapists, and toxic masculinity.