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Objects of desire,
More Objects of Desire, 
Red Sorghum, Still Water Moving Lands, Pomelo jungle, Trimming Eros,
Blood Puking Series, Battersea Park Series,


Residential Monster,
Bird Man, Barkless Californian Eucalyptussy Tree,
You, donkey and me, Donkey belly, Pool House, Carrsandra.
Red Bed, Red Lobster and her lover, Train, A Long Way HomeWomb,
 Four sistersSelf-portrait, Swing, Yellow Sweep, Chinese ZombieToothbrushes.
Big Pretty Chicken, Boy with Dog, Girl with bull, Girlfriends.
Brain Map, Meatloaf.
日夜,方圆, Hotel 5 Star, If I could ever marry you, If I could ever marry you II,
 Summer Landscapes, Self-Portrait with Chair, Mooncakes.