The Period Bird

“The Period bird” 2019, performance/installation.



The period bird brings fertility to everyone.
The performance of period bird was a period-delivery ritual/witchcraft through objects, I entered the space with bamboo wings, poured diluted iron-oxide paint on to a bowl of underwears, and started hanging underwears with my wings. The underwears are in different shapes, styles and colours, representing the imaginary inclusiveness of menstruation. The difficulty of hanging symbolises the incontinence of fertility and sexual desires. As the performance went on, the crowd cheered each time when I securely placed a pair of underwear on the drying string; the cheers made me happy, almost like some sort of encouragement/validation during the process of maturing.
















Bird Man

“Bird Man” 2020, oil on canvas, 180 x150 cm.














Barkless Californian Eucalyptussy Tree

“Barkless Californian Eucalyptussy Tree” 2019, oil on canvas, 86 x 165cm.


“Barkless Californian Eucalyptussy tree” is about a couple in LA went to the park to have sex and saw a leopard eating a deer in a barkless Californian Eucalyptus tree. From their angle, the couple could only see the leopard’s butthole and find it pink and pretty like a flower. The leopard had no idea the couple was starring at his/her butthole, the couple had no idea it was a leopard.




































Residential Monster

“Residential Monster” 2019, oil on canvas, 360 x200 cm; plaster feet.
“Residential Monster”, 2019, is a painting of a residential complex containing different lives, characters, and struggles. The residential building uses its body as a giant container for all the love and quarrels of its residents. The building is a character on its own. Stifled with many stories within itself, the building has become a monster.




















“Carrsandra” 2019, oil on canvas, 102x120cm.