The Period Bird

“The Period bird” 2019, performance/installation.



The period bird brings fertility to everyone.
The performance of period bird was a period-delivery ritual/witchcraft through objects, I entered the space with bamboo wings, poured diluted iron-oxide paint on to a bowl of underwears, and started hanging underwears with my wings. The underwears are in different shapes, styles and colours, representing the imaginary inclusiveness of menstruation. The difficulty of hanging symbolises the incontinence of fertility and sexual desires. As the performance went on, the crowd cheered each time when I securely placed a pair of underwear on the drying string; the cheers made me happy, almost like some sort of encouragement/validation during the process of maturing.
















Knee Bra

“Knee Bra” 2019, wax and fabric, performative object. 

“knee bra” are bras made from the cast of my knees. During the exhibition, I kneeled behind a display pedestal, with the knee bra resting on top, strapped on my body. I was playing with the childhood experience of putting my knees in their shirt to pretend I had enormous boobs. The aggressiveness of knees replacing the tenderness of breasts and the action of kneeling provided another layer to the piece.












The Red Room

 “Red Room” 2018, collabrition with Claudia E., Andrea S. and Tiger M. 















Susan’s C-section Surgery

“Susan’s C-section Surgery” 2018, performance.


“Susan’s C-section” is a result of watching 14 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.
Susan is a beautiful canvas who has been accidentally impregnated by me. Susan has to undergo a C-section surgery due to the lack of a vagina. As an award-winning surgeon as well as the father-to-be, it is my responsibility to bring the baby into this world safely.





























the opposite of black is red

“the opposite of black is red” 2018, painting performance.

In “the opposite of black is red”, I used my hair as a brush, soaked in black ink. With the sound of traditional Chinese instrumental music, I moved with my body pressed against the red wall, blindfolded, stroking the surface with my head. I see the action of painting as a form of dance/sex; the red surface as a lover’s body; the performance itself as a love story/marriage ceremony; the viewer as my wedding guest; the result of black ink as a marriage certificate.