Red Sorghum

“Red Sorghum” 2020, oil on panels, 15.24×10.16cm.









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Pomelo Jungle

“Pomelo Jungle” 2020, oil on canvas, 165x152cm.



My work captures desire, seduction and flirtation, everything around sex; however, nothing to do with the bland, heteronormative fucking.
My work intends to embody desire as if they are the women from Tang dynasty Qing Lou (青楼). Qing Lou is similar to a brothel but nothing like a brothel. In Tang Dynasty, Qing Lou is a place where intellectuals went to look for artistic discussions and romantic affections. The working women in Qing Lou were educated and artistically trained; they were the earliest female poets and artists in ancient China. Many scholars even say Qing Lou is where people first experience the feeling of falling in love on a personal level in a feudal society. In a way, my process of painting is like training tastefully seductive beings. I see my recent body of work a contemporary Qing Lou disposed of the patriarchy & heteronormative thinking.
Perhaps, every painting of mine is a mating dance, but the end goal is not fucking. These paintings’ existence is to recreate the teenage feeling of witnessing sexiness in the ephemeral moments of mundane life; helplessly blushing, falling for the childish perception of a random someone; to unleash the pure animalistic desire that we all had to grit our teeth to bear.
Subdued desire slowly accumulates, bursts, spurts onto matters, metamorphoses into beings, that is my work, or how I would like them to be.





Still Water Moving Lands

Sill Water Moving Lands” 2020, oil on canvas/panels/paper.



Chang Bai 长白, 60x143cm




Liu Yong 柳永,30.5×40.6cm




Wurstküche, 30.5×40.6cm




Friendship Garden, 30.5×40.6cm




Teletubby Land, 15.24×10.16cm



Green Onion Party, 15.24×10.16cm






Trimming Eros

“Trimming Eros” 2020, oil on canvas, 165x152cm.








Blood Puking Series

Blood Puking Series” 2020, oil on panels, 20x20cm.