Objects of Desire

“Objects of Desire” 2020, oil on panel, 2020


Sea Boiling Song, 30.5×40.6cm
Endocarp, 30.5×40.6cm
Flower Runaway, 30.5×40.6cm
Mons, 30.5×40.6cm
Funnel Chest, 30.5×40.6cm
Larry’s Bra, 30.5×40.6cm
Gap Tooth, 30.5×40.6cm
Icicle, 30.5×40.6cm
Crenshaw Boulevard,30.5×40.6cm



Contemporary Ballet, 35.6×45.7cm



JÄTTELILJA, 35.6×45.7cm
Self, 30.5×40.6cm



Potted Plant, 35.6×45.7cm



Sea Princess, 35.6×45.7cm



Prosecco Incident, 35.6×45.7cm




Happy Little Oysters, 40.6×50.8cm



Happy Little Oysters (back), 40.6×50.8cm






More Objects of Desire

“More Objects of Desire” 2020, oil on paper, 30.5×40.6cm



Fenty Savage

Friendship Garden

Crabapple Tree Wuji

Wurstküche LA

Penis Warts








Red Sorghum

“Red Sorghum” 2020, oil on panels, 15.24×10.16cm.









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Pomelo Jungle

“Pomelo Jungle” 2020, oil on canvas, 165x152cm.